25 December, 2010

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WHY only Ubuntu in distro crowd??

    I'm not starting a distro war here!! One can have distribution of their choice. But the adaptation can be time consuming. The sole purpose of this article is to reveal why ubuntu can be a good choice even to a non-geek.
    Nearly 2% of the world computer are running ubuntu and having more than12 million users. Ubuntu's share of Linux desktop usage is about 50% and 119,020 websites are using Ubuntu as indicated by BuiltWithTechnology usage statistics. Its users are growing everyday and not only saving money as its completely free but also experiencing extreme performance. Ubuntu can be easily adapted and its really cool. Its already so popular that any you can get solution of any problem very easily on internet plus it has very good documentation. Here's some more........
  • No of repositories: Ubuntu has highest no. of repositories approximately 24088(reported by apt-cache stats command) which is much more than any other distros (fedora-7334 and centOS-5785 as reported by yum list). Only debian from which ubuntu had been derived is near to it having a total of 23851(reported by apt-cache stats command).
  • Release cycle: Its release cycle is 6 months but now its also offering some LTS (long term support) editions. Fedora has lesser cycle, centOS and debian has of 2 yrs. Well, it depends on situation and requirement to decide whether short release is better or long release. Ubuntu has both, so user gets choice which on e should go for.
  • Upgrade difficulty : Fedora and centOS are not recommended for live upgrade, they can be upgraded using CD easily. Whereas in ubuntu and debian,live upgradation is a cake walk. With CD also it can be easily upgraded.
  • Its fast : As far as i have compared, its the fastest among all major distros. Ubuntu 10.04 takes less than10 seconds to boot up.
  • With netbooks: In netbooks also it performs better. Ubuntu 10.04 came with touch screen support for netbook.
  • Ubuntu's variant:-
    Edubuntu- Its a official version of Ubuntu designed for educational purpose.
    Kubuntu- It uses KDE environment rather than GNOME.
    Mythbuntu-Its designed for creating a home theater PC with MythTV and uses the Xfce desktop environment.
    Ubuntu Studio- Its for professional video and audio editing.
    Xubuntu-Its a distribution based on the Xfce desktop environment instead of GNOME, designed to run more efficiently on low-specification computers.


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