16 August, 2016

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The Top 5 Ubuntu based Linux distributions


In this article I am introducing some of the most amazing derivatives of Ubuntu. Ubuntu  based distros are basically Ubuntu with specialized applications in a particular domain. For instance, it could be in education like Edubuntu or multimedia or Mythubunu. Read on to find out more.

It uses the K desktop Environment(KDE) instead of GNOME or Unity which comes by default in Ubuntu. Its released twice a year, same as Ubuntu.  So, if you love Ubuntu and like the flavor of the KDE window manager, then you should think of installing this instead of Ubuntu. 
Some technologies used in Kubuntu:
  • KDE software: It provides applications 
  • Plasma: KDE's desktop and netbook workspaces
  • Linux: it gives its kernel
  • Debian: supply most of its packages
On comparison with Ubuntu:
Kernel & CoreLinux Kernel & Ubuntu CoreLinux Kernel & Ubuntu Core
GraphicsX. Org ServerX. Org Server
SoundPulse AudioPulse Audio
DesktopUnityPlasma Desktop
Primary ToolkitGTK+, Clutter & QtQt
Email & PIMThunderbirdKontact
Download from: Kubuntu.org
This is basically Ubuntu+educational applications. It also includes some educational tools,content, and themes. So, its good for children,students and schools. 
You can download it from Edubuntu.org
Unity Desktop: You can also opt for the newest Unity based desktop during installation in Ubuntu.
Unity desktop
This is again Ubuntu but with another window manager called XFCE. It fits well on all Laptops, Desktops and servers as it is pretty lightweight. 
One of the aims of the XFCE desktop environment is to use fewer system resources than the default Ubuntu Unity desktop. Its developers claim that the minimum RAM Xubuntu could be run is 128 MB even at times when 256 MB of RAM was recommended. Some standard testing showed  that it uses approximately 25 MB less application memory and also  takes significantly less space into  its buffers and cache than Ubuntu." Pretty good for older and resource crunched PC's.
Download Mirror: Xubuntu.org
It is the OS whose community follows the Free Software Foundation's four freedoms  So, it doesn't include any applications, driver or firmware which are not having the full source or whose license does not provide the right to use, study,modify and redistribute the body of work. So, if you are  a FOSS activist and adhere to all its policies, you must try this. 
Download Gobuntu
Ubuntu Studio
Here is the OS for people interested in multimedia. It provides a suite of some of the best applications for multimedia work which includes audio and video components. Soon after its first release  it gained a huge popularity among audio and video enthusiasts.  
Download Mirror: Ubuntu Studio.org
These are just a few and we have barely scratched the surface and completey new ones are spawning from Ubuntu and even from other Ubuntu based distros everyday. We will be soon updating the post with other upcoming distros, so stay tuned.




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